2020 Encryption Regulations Update Free Webinar

INSTRUCTOR:  Felice Laird, Export Strategies, LLC

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Since the recording of this webinar on September 22, 2020, additional rule changes to Category 5 were published (October 5, 2020) . Felice Laird will be discussing all changes and the impact on her blog at
https://www.exportcontrolwebinars.com/blogs/news in the coming weeks.  The first part of a three part series is now available. Please visit her blog often to stay updated on all changes going forward.


These changes will be incorporated into all upcoming live webinars.

You are invited to a 30 minute free webinar in which we will provide a high level update on new and revised regulations affecting companies exporting items in Category 5 Part II.  The webinar will cover the September 11, 2020 EAR changes and provide a preview of upcoming regulations and possible policy changes.  We’ll discuss the roll out of our three-part training plan beginning later this month for those dealing with classifying and making licensing determinations for items using encryption and other information security technologies.